Monday, May 27, 2013

Book Review: Getting Started with NoSQL

Unless you've been living under a rock, you have at the very least,  heard of NoSQL.  You may not know much about it, what types of NoSQL databases exists, what the functionalities they provide or even know the names of some NoSQL databases.  If this is true, then Getting Started with NoSQL is for you.  The book will help guide you thru an evaluation process of NoSQL databases, considering a set of requirements and use cases with which to help evaluate each type of database.

  • Overview of NoSQL
  • Characteristics of NoSQL
  • NoSQL storage types
  • Advantages and Drawbacks
  • Comparative Study of NoSQL products
  • Case Study
  • Quick read, only 142 pages
  • Provides a good comparison of the NoSQL database types vs the RDBMS, and what NoSQL is and is NOT.
  • Lots of hyperlinks within the text - this was my first time reading an e-book on a Kindle so I don't know if that is typical of not.  I expect that is not the case.
  • Comparatively light coverage of Graph databases vs more popular types, for example Document store
  • Described as appropriate for "technology decision makers - be it architect, product manager or CTO".   I would agree this book is appropriate for developers, architects and possibly product managers.      

The book takes an analytic approach to comparing different NoSQL database types based on a specified set of criteria.   It walks you thru the comparisons, evaluating how each database type rates in terms of the criteria and merely suggests which database type they feel would be most appropriate for the use cases being evaluated.

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