Thursday, August 8, 2013

Groovy moonlighter mistake: Spock requires JUnit to run inside Eclispe


I was rushing a bit the other day to get a new project setup in Eclipse.   The project is for some RESTful API work we are doing.  Naturally, I started looking for a way to inject Groovy into the process (regardless of how much resistance I continue to encounter from my colleagues).  :-)    Why not include the Spock testing framework I thought.  Great, if the team doesn't want to use Groovy, they can still write their test cases the old way, but I am going to inject Spock to the project!

Now I am off and running:
  • Eclipse project created: check
  • Added Groovy Nature to the Eclipse project: check
  • Included the Spock jar in the build path: check
  • First test case written using Spock and it compiles: check
  • Run my test case from within Eclipse: WTF, Eclipse where's the JUnit menu option (screenshot below)

Spock requires JUnit to run inside Eclipse (duh!).   So I added the JUnit jar to my build path and now as you can see in the screenshot below - all is better with my world - now I can run my Spock tests within Eclipse!

I have to thank danveloper for the tagline "Groovy moonlighter".  We were exchanging emails about one of his projects when I complained that my Groovy practice is limited to nights and weekends.  At that point he called me a 'Groovy Moonlighter".   Thanks Dan!

Hope this helps!

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