Friday, September 6, 2013

Not all JSON created equal, at least from Java implementations!

Setting the stage
I have spent the majority of my career on the 'server-side' of applications. When I have worked on the client side, it has been Java Swing, so up to now I haven't worked much with JSON.   My (incorrect!) assumption was that all JSON is created equal.

We are creating a new REST API for our product at work and plan on supporting both JSON and XML for both the requests and responses.  We are using RESTEasy from JBoss and the process has been fairly straight-forward.

Below is a screen shot of two sets of JSON generated from our CustomerResource using RESTEasy with the exact same code from our perspective. The only difference is how I configured RESTEasy to generate JSON.  In one case, I used Jettison and in the other case I used Jackson.  I expected that both tools would generate exactly the same output - WRONG!  See below for some of the differences.


The results above show a simple customer entry with a set of 1 phone number and a set of 1 address.

I have noticed following differences (there may be others…):

  • Jettison has a name entry for the object whereas Jackson does not (Customer,Addresses, Address,PhoneNumbers, PhoneNumber) 
  • Jettison appears to force all values to a String, using the double quotes, whereas Jackson does not for number fields, like customerId, where it does not double quote the value
  • Jackson is currently showing null fields, like addressLine2 & addressLine3 whereas Jettison is not. This may be configurable. Jackson uses JAXB annotations to assist with its marshaling/serializing and also contains some of its own annotations as well which might be used to help adjust the output.
Hope this helps!

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