Thursday, September 17, 2009

Blogger Minima template wastes space

I just recently started blogging and so I am trying to figure out what looks good and how to get my blog to look better.   I choose the Minima template but noticed that the 'gutters' seemed too wide down the left and right side of the page.  Postings with code seemed to caused a lot of the line to wrap and it just didn't look very good. After seeing some other blogs that didn't appear to have that problem, I posted comments asking, "How'd you do that?".   Someone suggested adjusting the template and so I took his advice.   Below is a just a couple minor tweaks I made to the template and the code examples look much better and the gutters are not nearly so wide!

This all coming from a developer who has spent most of his career in the middle-tier and server-side of applications.   For those of you very familiar with CSS, you can probably stop reading NOW.

Updating the Minima template to increase the posting area
  1. Go to Layout --> Edit HTML page
  2. Click the 'download template' link to make a backup copy of your template, for safe keeping
  3. In the editable textarea, make the following changes to the style sheet entries: 
    • outer-wrapper width change from 660px to 1000px, 
    • main-wrapper width change from 410px to 700px 
    • footer width change from  660px to 1000p
  4. Click the 'preview' button to see the changes
  5. If you are happy with the new spacings, click the 'save template' button.

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